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PRA - Keeping ahead of the pack 2022

Publication Date: 29-Jun-2022

Chair: Simon Jefferson QC Authors: John Billington QC, Jennie Hawker, Jo Hosking, Stephanie Marsden, Stephen McCarthy QC, Jan McCartney, Johan Niemand, Tim Rainey

NZ $180.00

Multiple Registration

Advanced Lawyer for Child 2022

Publication Date: 27-Jun-2022

Chair: Susie Houghton Authors: Alex Ashmore, Dr Sarah Calvert, Pip Cobcroft, Vivienne Crawshaw QC, Catherine Cull, His Honour Judge Alan Goodwin, Dr Deb Inder, His Honour Judge Antony Mahon, Corin Merrick, Her Honour Judge Jacquelyn Moran, Dr Louise Smith, Catherine Townsend, April Trenberth

NZ $135.00

Multiple Registration

Contentious Trusts and Estates 2022

Publication Date: 15-Jun-2022

Authors: Shane Campbell, Jared Ormsby

NZ $65.00

Multiple Registration

Occupation Right Agreements 2022

Publication Date: 31-May-2022

Author: Katherine Wilmott

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

New Incorporated Societies Legislation 2022

Publication Date: 26-May-2022

Author: Mark van Dadelszen

NZ $50.00

Multiple Registration

Death and the Law Intensive 2022

Publication Date: 04-May-2022

Chair: Juliet Moses Authors: Gregory Ambler, Dr Jane Casey, Jeremy Johnson, Kimberly Lawrence, James Little, Tom Maasland, Colette Mackenzie, Alice Nunn, Andrew Steele

NZ $120.00

Multiple Registration

Winding Up a Trust 2022

Publication Date: 03-May-2022

Author: Aimee Mitchell

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - 15 Months On 2022

Publication Date: 12-Apr-2022

Authors: Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Tax - land transactions 2022

Publication Date: 11-Apr-2022

Author: James Coleman

NZ $70.00

Multiple Registration

Trustees' Duties & Separation 2022

Publication Date: 21-Feb-2022

Author: Aimee McGowan

NZ $30.00

Multiple Registration

Privacy Landscape - key developments

Publication Date: 01-Dec-2021

Authors: Georgia Bates, Suzy McMillian

NZ $40.00

Multiple Registration

Winding Up a Trust

Publication Date: 30-Nov-2021

Author: Aimee Mitchell

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

Family Law Conference 2021

Publication Date: 17-Nov-2021

Chair: Annette Gray Authors: Edwin Freedman, Judge Victoria McCloud, Her Honour Judge Jacquelyn Moran, Dr Tom Mulholland, Fuimaono Gardenia Atimalala, Nicola Atwool, Andre Baker, Laura Bond, Sharon Chandra, John Christie, John-Luke Day, Samantha de Coning, Nikki De La Mare, Rachael Dewar, Amanda Donovan, Luke Fitzmaurice, Her Honour Judge Faumui Penelope Sasao Ginnen, Tara Grant, Jo Hosking, Sarah Jerebine, Telise Kelly, Kate Lash, Stephanie Marsden, Helen McQueen, Katie Murray MMZM QSM, Timothy Orr, Her Honour Judge Sharyn Otene, Lana Paul, Bruce Ross, Professor Jacinta Ruru, Dr Anna Sandiford, Kirsty Swadling, Her Honour Judge Emma Smith, Selina Trigg, Paolo Timajo, Tania Williams Blyth,

NZ $185.00
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Spousal Maintenance Applications

Publication Date: 23-Sep-2021

Author: Helen Radinovich

NZ $35.00

Multiple Registration

Trusts - navigating the maze

Publication Date: 15-Sep-2021

Author: Katherine Ewer

NZ $45.00
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Gift or Loan

Publication Date: 09-Sep-2021

Authors: Amanda Donovan, Ben Jefferson

NZ $40.00
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