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Women in the Criminal Justice System

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Author(s): Judith Ablett Kerr QC, Chief District Court Judge Ron Young, Elisabeth McDonald
Published: 12 August, 1997
Pages: 77



[w]omen have, until recently remained at the margains of thought about criminal justice problems. The criminal justice system has been run by men, against men, and for the benefit of men...[C]riminal law is designed and implemented with men in mind.1

[F]emale offenders are the least understood of all women.2

These two statements, repeated in much of the recent literature,3 make apparent the need for a seminar aimed at:
  • identifying issues for women i the New Zealand criminial justice system;
  • demonstrating how an understanding of those issues is essential for all criminal lawyers; and
  • considering how to address those issues from an advocacy perspective.
  1. Stephen Schulhofer "The Feminist Challenge in Criminal Law" (1995) 143 U of Penn LR 2151, 2154  and 2157.
  2. Carol Hutchings "Review of Voices From Within: Women Who Have Broken the Law" (1996) 34 Alberta LR 1005.
  3. See also Carolene Gwynn "Women and Crime: the Failure of Traditional Theories and the Rise of Feminist Criminology" (1993) 19 Monash Uni LR 92.

Content outline

  • Counsel and the female defendant
  • Trial tactics
  • Bail and sentencing issues
  • Domestic violence: issues and processes
  • Criminal defences for women
  • Resources and research
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