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Criminal Law Symposium 2002

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Author(s): Judith Ablett Kerr QC, Hon Justice Anderson, Rt Hon Justice Blanchard, Charles Cato, His Honour Judge Epati, Simon France, Susan Hughes, James Johnston, Greg King, Robert Lithgow, Simon Mount, Richard Mahoney, Bridget Mackintosh
Published: 8 November, 2002
Pages: 192


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Content outline

  • Session 1: Sentencing
    • Rape sentencing – Are all rapes equal?
    • Proceeds of Crime Act 1991: Does it work, 10 years on?
    • What should be done with Hamlet?
  • Session 2: Current Reforms
    • Some current reforms of the criminal law of New Zealand as they related to homicide
    • The case for partial defences and trial by jury in homicide cases
    • R v Shaheed: the new approach to improperly obtained evidence
    • R v Shaheed: a prosecutor’s defence
  • Session 3: Criminal Appeals
    • Counsel incompetency as a ground for appeal
    • Incompetent counsel
    • Incompetent counsel – a defence and appellate counsel perspective
  • Session 4: Future Directions
    • Current directions in criminal justice
    • Should there be an automatic right to private prosecution?
    • Youth justice
    • Criminal law in a multicultural society 
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