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Conveyancing Update

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Author(s): Helen Young, Linda Fox, Chris Rickit
Published: 3 August, 1998
Pages: 124



This NZLS seminar “Conveyancing Update” is intended to address not only recent developments in the law but also the ever-changing climate in which we practise.

The theme of the NZLS 1997 Property Law Conference was that of property lawyers as specialists in the new millennium. That theme is continued in this seminar.

This seminar will continue to stimulate and provoke us to refine and extend our skills to ensure that we, property law specialists, provide quality service to our traditional client bases, maintain and, where possible, expand that client base.

We begin by reviewing the reasons we, as property lawyers, need to specialise. Perhaps the first and most important reason, is the need to distinguish ourselves from competing professions; lending institutions, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, accountants and surveyors, to name but a few.

We review troublesome provisions of the ADLS-REINZ Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate and Leases and areas of practice where new and alarming roblems continue to plague us.

We provide an overview of the ever-increasing burdens placed on us in the solicitors’ certificates (where we all but indemnify the lending institution from loss!).

We consider alternative dispute resolution and its impact on conveyancing. We provide an overview of mediation and a commentary on the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 which came into force on 1 July 1997.

Finally, we have endeavoured to add a bit of “flavour” to this seminar by reviewing tried and true boilerplate clauses which are frequently resorted to but are not always necessary or even understood.


Content outline

  • Property Law Specialists
  • Leases
  • Sale and purchase agreements - is there a better way?
  • Dispute resolution; its impact on conveyancing
  • Boilerplate clauses
  • Solicitor's certificates and undertakings
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