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Internet for Lawyers

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Author(s): Jane Treadwell, Peter Reynolds
Published: 3 August, 1998
Pages: 44



The internet is now very much part of New Zealand society. Regular internet columns in newspapers, schools using it to communicate with far flung corners of the globe, cyber cafes, buses with website address advertisements, personal email addresses, are all commonplace. Hundreds of books and magazine articles tell of e-commerce, direct marketing via the web and how anyone in business, in the 1990s and beyond, cannot afford to not be using it.

The legal profession, a traditionally conservative body, has embraced the internet and its technology. As a result many practitioners and firms have embarked on an innovative use of the medium.

This presentation focuses on:
  • the origin of the internet, explaining some of its history and the associated jargon;
  • essential tools and the differing kinds of internet access available;
  • the web as a key information tool;
  • the New Zealand information available - case law, governmental , commercial;
  • international hot hubs;
  • internet access and email use policies.

The seminar is not designed to a comprehensive and detailed exposé but rather a one-stop shop of information. It provides practitioners with a set of core website addresses with which to begin exploring and sufficient details to understand the basics and get connected to the internet.

Go forth and surf . . .


Content outline

  • The internet
    • The internet - the network of networks - a short explanation
    • A short history of the growth and history of the world wide web
    • Hyper text mark up language
    • Essential tools
    • Other kinds of access
    • The publishing revolution - the web as an information tool
    • Newsgroups
  • Information on the internet
    • Legal information
    • Case law - New Zealand - general
    • Case law - New Zealand - specialised
    • New Zealand - case notes and rulings
    • Law reform and Law Commissions
    • Government information
    • Commercial and business information
    • Hot hubs
    • Internet "acceptable use" policies for employees
    • Essential internet information
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