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Accident Insurance - the new disputes regime

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Author(s): John Miller, Barrie Edwards
Published: 23 August, 1999
Pages: 184



The new Accident Insurance Act came into force on 1 July 1999. For the first time in 25 years, private insurers are involved in accident insurance. This means new players in the disputes process, new tribunals, new procedures, and novel disputes. The legislation is expected to generate a landslide of litigation both within and outside the accident insurance scheme. For example, employers and employees may be able to sue insurance companies for the manner in which claims are handled. Insurance companies may take a more active role in suing wrongdoers.


The seminar booklet has been written by both presenters and is set out in two parts with relevant appendices at the end of each part. Part One, written by Barrie Edwards, draws extensively on the Australian experience with work place injuries disputes. Barrie compares and contrasts the New South Wales and New Zealand legislation to highlight issues relating to dispute management and resolution. Part Two, written by John Miller, outlines the relevant provisions of the Act which are most likely to generate disputes. He then goes on to consider the important procedural changes and mechanisms which will shape the running of a personal injury dispute in New Zealand.

In sum, the booklet is a practical guide to advising and representing clients whether they are employers, employees , insurance companies or registered health practitioners.


Content outline

  • What types of dispute will occur?
  • The dispute process
  • How to run a personal injury dispute
  • Claims process
  • Demarcation issues
  • The disputes process - part 6 of the Act
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