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Criminal Law - cell phone data: A new forensic tool - 1 CPD hour

  • Publication date: July 2020
  • Author: Dr A Sathyendran

With over six million cell phone connections and over 17.5 billion call minutes and texts used by New Zealanders in 2019, it is highly likely every criminal case has associated cell phone data. Yet cell phone data is rarely used by the defence lawyers in criminal cases. This module will give a taste of the potential cell phone data offers as a forensic tool in criminal cases.

When a new forensic tool emerges, there is lead time before it is widely used primarily because lawyers do not understand the potential it offers. In the case of cell phone data New Zealand appears to be slower than a number of other countries (eg America, the United Kingdom, Australia etc), as cell phone data is widely used in criminal cases overseas.

The New Zealand Police are increasingly using cell phone data to corroborate or dispute evidence as they begin to understand its potential. In contrast, defence lawyers are primarily reacting to Police use of cell phone data and in the process missing out exploiting the full potential of cell phone data.

This module will highlight how cell phone data can be used in criminal cases and will cover:
  • Modified versions of real examples that involved cell phone data are discussed to give you a taste of what it can do
  • How the police are using cell phone data
  • Typical use of cell phone data in defence setting
  • An overview of the collection of cell phone data.
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Disclosure - criminal law - 1.5 CPD hours

  • Publication date: March 2020
  • Authors: Matt Goodwin, Shane Kilian

One of the fundamental tenets of the rule of criminal law is the right to a fair trial. Knowing the case against your clients through an effective disclosure process constitutes a key foundation for this right. This module will be of value whether you are representing the prosecution or defence.

Matt and Shane will provide an overview of the functionality of the criminal law disclosure process and consider strategies and tools that you can employ when dealing with disclosure-related issues.

Topics covered will include:

  • Prosecutorial duty to provide all relevant disclosure on an ongoing basis
  • Case management tips and tools to access information held by the prosecution or non-parties
  • Lessons learned from recent cases including the consequences for failing to disclose information appropriately.

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Criminal Appellate Advocacy - 2 CPD hours

  • Publication date: June 2019
  • Author: Nicholas Chisnall, Susan Gray, Philip Hamlin

The volume of criminal appeals continues to grow and even the seasoned trial lawyer is likely to find operating in this unique environment a formidable task. This seminar will target those new to appearing in the Court of Appeal. Attend this seminar and receive the benefit of practical advice with regards to the challenges of appearing before the judiciary.

This seminar will include:
  • An outline of practical tips to determine whether your client has the right to appeal; will address:
    - Which court has jurisdiction to hear the appeal
    - The tests that determine whether a conviction appeal will be allowed
    - The test that applies to sentence appeals
    - Some of the practical pitfalls that arise in appeals
  • Discussion of what is required for your written submissions; to include:
    - Role of written submissions
    - Relationship between written and oral submissions
    - How to best structure written submissions
  • An overview of the hearing process; to cover:
    - Court room etiquette
    - How to use the written submissions
    - Making oral submissions to three judges
    - What is your best/strongest point?
    - Tips for effectively working with a senior in the court processes.
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