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Appeals to the High Court - Online CPD

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Andrew Beck 2015 Lisa Hansen 2016
Andrew Beck
Lisa Hansen

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Online CPD Module

Presentation time: 90 minutes

Taking appeals to the High Court of New Zealand is not something undertaken in the usual course of business. Cases can be appealed to the High Court from a variety of jurisdictions, and all tend to follow a similar process.

This module will assist you in understanding how the process of taking an appeal to the High Court is likely to go in practice. It will give you an overview of potential pitfalls, hints on how to deal with the appeal process and to be aware of issues to look out for along the way.

Topics covered will include:

Is it worth appealing?

  • What are the jurisdictional requirements, understanding good appeal points and the not so good

Getting started:

  • The documents to put together
  • Who is involved
  • The service requirements of documents Preliminary procedural matters:
  • What needs to be done before the Appeal hearing?

Preparation for the hearing:

  • Dealing with the good appeal points
  • Case stated appeals – how these differ from the normal appeals.

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Learning objectives

After this module you will:

  • Be aware of the obligations involved.
  • Be able to apply this knowledge in your practice.

Electronic Booklet

Authors: Andrew Beck, Lisa Hansen
Published: 2 March 2016
Pages: 102
Electronic booklet can be downloaded from My CPD > My Online CPD after purchase.


One of the tenets of the rule of law is that decisions made by a public body or agency that affect a person’s rights or interests should be reviewable in some way, either by judicial review or appeal.

The ability to review or appeal a decision helps to ensure that decisions are legally correct. The prospect of scrutiny by a superior decision-maker also encourages first instance decision makers to produce high-quality decisions.

Rights of appeal and review are recognised as constitutionally important. Section 25(h) of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 provides that a person convicted of an offence has a right to appeal to a higher court against the conviction and sentence. Section 27(2) provides a right of review in relation to determinations by a tribunal or public body affecting a person’s rights, obligations or interests protected by law... (continues)

PowerPoint Presentation

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