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We are moving to a new Online CPD Platform

We will soon be moving to a new provider for our Online CPD modules.

What this means for you – smooth process – down time – records transferred to new system

  • We expect this to be a smooth process
  • The current system will turn off on Friday 17 December 2021, and the new system will start on Tuesday 18 January 2022.
  • You will not be able to purchase or access any online modules during this changeover period.
  • When the new system starts on 18 January 2022, all your personal records and purchased modules should have been transferred to the new system and will be fully available to you as previously.

One exception – part-completed courses – what we need you to do

  • There is one exception, any courses that you have already purchased, but that that have only been partially completed by you, will need to be fully completed prior to the close down on Friday 17 December 2021 for you to get CPD credit for that course when it is transferred to the new system.
  • If you have only partially completed a course, and you do not complete it prior to the close down, any, and all, progress made by you on that course will be lost.
  • Where you do not complete course prior to close down, they will transfer to the new system as ‘newly purchased course’, and you will need to start them afresh in the new system to gain CPD credit for the course.

New system

We hope the change to the new system does not cause you any difficulties or inconvenience as we expect the change to the new system to be seamless.

Once the new system is launched in January 2022, we will be delighted to continue to offer you a range of relevant, high quality online courses for you to complete 24/7 at your convenience.

Online CPD - instant access - learning on demand

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Online CPD courses are short, online learning programmes that you can complete on the go. There are no app’s to download, all you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone device that is connected to the internet.

Online CPD courses cover a range of topics across different practice areas.  The courses on offer will continue to grow and expand as we have more available to release. Click on the titles below to view more information about each course.

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Publication Date: 09-Mar-2021

Authors: Various

NZ $0.00

Multiple Registration

Enforcing Promises - the Testamentary Promises Act - Online CPD

Publication Date: 16-Feb-2021

Authors: Sally Morris, Georgia Angus

NZ $195.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - are you ready? Forum - Online CPD

Publication Date: 04-Nov-2020

Authors: Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $455.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - Disputes - Online CPD

Publication Date: 19-Aug-2020

Authors: Greg Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - Drafting New Trust Deeds - Online CPD

Publication Date: 22-Jul-2020

Authors: Chris Kelly, Kimberly Lawrence

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Criminal Law - cell phone data: A new forensic tool - Online CPD

Publication Date: 08-Jul-2020

Author: Dr A Sathyendran

NZ $121.00

Multiple Registration

Earthquake Strengthening Issues - impact on commercial buildings 2020 - Online CPD

Publication Date: 29-Jun-2020

Authors: Richard Chung, Doran Wyatt

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - Duties of Trustees - Online CPD

Publication Date: 24-Jun-2020

Authors: Chris Kelly, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Search & Freezing Orders - Online CPD

Publication Date: 22-Jun-2020

Authors: Samuel Hood, Jesse Savage

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Validation of Wills - Online CPD

Publication Date: 18-Jun-2020

Authors: Theresa Donnelly, Henry Stokes

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Professional Indemnity Insurance - update - Online CPD

Publication Date: 08-Jun-2020

Authors: Andrea Challis, Kiri Harkess

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

New Trusts Act - Key Changes Overview - Online CPD

Publication Date: 04-May-2020

Authors: Greg Kelly, Colette Mackenzie

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Progressing Your Case During COVID-19 Restrictions - Online CPD

Publication Date: 30-Apr-2020

Author: Jeremy Sutton

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Health and Safety Update 2020 - Online CPD

Publication Date: 22-Apr-2020

Authors: Greg Cain, Michael Hargreaves

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Commercial Leases - COVID-19 disputes - Online CPD

Publication Date: 15-Apr-2020

Authors: Bob Hollyman QC, Antony Holmes

NZ $179.00

Multiple Registration

Agreement for Sale and Purchase - practical points - Online CPD

Publication Date: 09-Apr-2020

Author: Thomas Gibbons

NZ $121.00

Multiple Registration
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