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ANZELA 25th Annual Conference Resouces

ANZELA Conference


Conference papers 

Keynote Address
Laurence Boulle
18 Pages
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Creating Value - what do we want from our universities and how do we get it?
11 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 1
Social media, schools and the law
Ross McSwan
45 Pages
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Session 2
Great schools have highly engaged and collaborative staff
Tony Farley and Desiree Blackett
Session 3
Compliance with regulatory demands relating to notification of abuse of students - perspectives from USA, Queensland and New Zealand
Andrew Knott, Paul Rishworth QC and Prof Charles Russo
23 Pages
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Session 4
Cyberspace, cyberbullying and duty of care: legal and educational responses
Prof Elizabeth Grierson
28 Pages

Students and social media: how can educators enhance creativity and cultural awareness while teaching compliance with legal norms
Prof Charles Russo, Dr Kim Teh 
6 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 5
Transforming a culture of complaint: collaborative conflict management in education
Dr Gaye Greenwood

Moving towards positive performance and development
Lisa Walker
Session 6
Restorative justice in schools vs the formal requirements under s 14 of the Education Act: balancing what works to ensure retention in education
Jen Walsh (nee Puah)
21 Pages

Compulsory school attendance – using legal and other mechanisms for compliance
John O’Brien
3 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 7
Use of social media by schools and students: an effective communication tool, functioning in a risk-aware environment
Dan Brush
Session 8
Blurred lines: investigations of professional boundaries by the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Alan Dodd
7 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 9
The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 and its impact on the tertiary sector
Fiona McMorran
8 Pages 
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Session 10
Judicial review of internal school decisions in state schools
Jan Breakwell and Paul Rishworth QC
16 Pages 
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Session 11
Managing teaching staff - being both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Chris Morey
11 Pages
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Session 12
Racism and law: implementation of the right to equality in South Africa
Prof Pierre du Plessis
13 Pages
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Session 13
Decision-making of NSW government school principals and the application of principles of procedural fairness: identifying their knowledge and equipping them for practice
Tryon Francis
Session 14
Balancing compliance and creativity in ensuring good care and support for international students
Yang Wenhua and Belinda Himiona
Session 15
Institutional racism in education: three decades on - a review 
Andrew Barron, Bill Harris and Bill Anderson
5 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 16
Evidence seen and unseen: a question of balance
Nicholas Gresson and Prof Elizabeth Grierson
23 Pages
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Session 17
Study on the legislative protection of rights of internship in China vocational education
Jia Nan
11 Pages
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Session 18
The right to religious freedom and equality: the right to practise one’s religion
Prof Pierre du Plessis
10 Pages

Faith-based schools and same-sex marriages: balancing religious beliefs
and anti-discrimination laws 

Dr Keith Thompson, Prof Charles Russo 
17 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 19
Collaboration: the new frontier in dispute resolution - what does this mean for schools and how can schools be more creative in their approach to dispute resolution?
Denise Evans and Rachael Schmidt-McCleave
15 Pages
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Session 20
Strict compliance: is it always necessary?
Anne Walker and Chris Wellington
Session 21
Creativity and ‘can-do’ becoming caution and constraint - an overview of independent tertiary provision in NZ
Christine Clark
5 Pages

Private higher education in China: history, legislation and the future
Prof Qin Huimin and Dr Zhou Xiang
12 Pages 
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Session 22
Health and safety in the education workplace
Alan Knowsley
12 Pages
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Session 23
When staff actions cause governance/leadership liability: the clash between employment law and professional/ethical obligations - lessons from the abuse of student cases
Gaeline Phipps
Session 24
Does academic misconduct constitute a breach of contract?: perspectives on balancing regulatory demands, educational values and graduate outcomes
Dr Wayne Clark
17 Pages
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Session 25
Collaborating to comply with regulatory demands that promote educational values and improve outcomes
Danielle Wooltorton and Elena Totino
5 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 26
What’s left of the right to education? What are the rights of educators?
Rachel Drew
6 Pages
Session 27
Restorative justice and restorative practices in higher education
Prof Chris Marshall and Jennifer Anderson
Session 28
Compliance with current and future child protection laws - embedding a child protection culture. How can this be achieved?
James Field
25 Pages
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Session 29
Emerging issues in schools: lesbian, gay and transgender and intersex students
Jason Newman
7 Pages (PowerPoint)
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Session 30
The protection of student rights in higher education institutions
Prof Shen Suping and Dr Ye Yangyong
8 Pages

Student engagement in university decision-making and governance: towards a more systematically inclusive student voice
Prof Sally Varnham
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Session 31
The “laptops” case: unlawful deductions under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)
Amanda Threlfall
5 Pages (PowerPoint)
4 Pages (Judges Summary)
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Download PDF (Judges Summary)
Session 32
Supporting transgender student inclusion in a changing legal environment
Rosie Jimson-Healey and Amelia Jaffares
14 Pages
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Session 33
Tertiary dispute resolution - a facilitated general discussion Chaired by Virginia Goldblatt
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