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Webinar Group Pricing

CLE has two convenient group pricing options for our webinars.  'Buy two get one free', and 'Live Webinar Study Groups'.  

  • 'Buy two get one free' - ideal for groups of up to four (from the same organisation).  
  • 'Live Webinar Study Groups' - best value for larger groups. 

Option 1 - Buy two get one free

For every two full price NZLS member registrations you purchase for this webinar, you will receive a third member registration free.
Each registrant will receive:
  • Their own unique link into the webinar
  • A copy of the booklet
  • An electronic (pdf) copy of the PowerPoint presentation
  • A verification of attendance certificate (providing they each sign into the webinar on the day)
  • An archived copy of the webinar recording for future use
  • CPD hours and details recorded in MyCPD  - where we record all NZLS CLE purchases and CPD history
Registration method
Please email cle@lawyerseducation.co.nz the names and email addresses of attendees you would like to register.

Option 2 - Live Webinar Study Group Package

For a flat fee you can purchase the Live Webinar Study Group Package. This will enable you to broadcast the live webinar in your meeting room for unlimited staff in your office to attend.
  • 1 hour webinar - $349 incl GST
  • 1.5 hour webinar - $449 incl GST
  • 2 hour webinar - $649 incl GST
How it works:  One person is required to register for the package; this person becomes the Study Group facilitator and is responsible for running the webinar.
All the Study Group attendees are eligible for CPD hours; provided an attendance register is compiled and signed by the facilitator and then distributed to all attendees for their records – this is for verification of attendance.
Extra benefit – If you send the attendance register to us within one week of the broadcast we will record attendees CPD hours on their CPD record ‘My CPD’ – the home of all their NZLS CLE records.
The Study Group facilitator receives:
  • One unique link into the webinar
  • Study group guide
  • Attendance register
  • Three copies of the booklet for use in the Study Group
  • An electronic copy (pdf) of the PowerPoint presentation
  • Reflections sheet for attendees
  • One archived copy of the webinar recording for future use
Registration method
Please email cle@lawyerseducation.co.nz the name and email address of your facilitator – this is the person who will receive the link to the webinar and the materials we will send.

Payment method - Options 1 & 2

Credit card, cheque, direct credit or on request for option 2 - study group bookings, you can be invoiced.
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